Personal Chef Sample Menu

Looking for a unique way to entertain? Our personal chef will shop, prep, and cook dinner for you and your
 guests, providing a 5 to 12 course dinner. 

Mingle Snacks
 Rice Crackers
 Miso Soup

 Salmon Crunch
 Tuna One: spicy ponzu sauce with maguro, strawberries and cream cheese
 Mussels Cocktail
 Garlic-Basil Asparagus
 Lift Me Up & Scoop Me Away: spicy tuna with prawn chips

  Sushi Rolls
 Japanese Sunset: Asparagus, crab, avocado.topped with maguro and mango
 Grand Tsunami: cucumber, sprouts, soft shell crab, topped with avocado and seared salmon, drizzled with unagi sauce and garlic oil
 Salmon Delight: crab & shrimp in Japanese mayo and tobiko, topped with avocado and salmon
 Escolar Roll: escolar and scallions
 Anadromous Roll: smoke salmon and cream cheese; topped with salmon and lemon twist
 Dynamite Roll: mixed seafood with shiitake mushroom
 Saba Roll: homemade saba, cucumber and ochiko

Salmon, tuna, escolar, saba, white fish, Yellow Tail