Boxed Lunch Sample Menu

Ready to elevate your lunch experience without ever leaving the office? Find out how to get Boxed Lunch Delivery at your office! 

Sample Menu
 Green Curry (Chicken or Tofu) $8

 Chicken or Tofu simmer in Smooth curry blended with green Thai chili with bamboo shoots, bell peppers, zucchini & fresh basil; served with rice

 Chicken Egg Roll $1  

 Chicken and vegetables wrapped in egg roll skin – sweet & tangy sauce on the side

 Small Salad with home-made Thai Peanut or Ginger dressing $3 

Recent Offerings:

  September 26th – September 30th:

Kratiem (Chicken or Tofu) $8 Sautéed chicken or tofu with mixed vegetables in garlic oyster sauce; served with rice

 October 3rd – October 7th:

Spicy Green Beans – Pad Prig Khing (Chicken or Tofu) $8 Sauteed green beans and chicken in curry paste w/ bell pepper & fresh kaffir lime leaves; served with rice Spice Level = hot

 October 10th – October 14th:

Linguine Kaprow – (Chicken or Tofu) $8 Stir-fry with bell peppers, sweet basil and linguine pasta in Thai garlic basil sauce

 October 17th – October 21st:

Gari Curry aka Yellow Curry (chicken or Tofu) $8 mild yellow curry with bell pepper, onions, carrots and potatoes served with rice (med)