Chon Som is an innovative catering and personal chef company offering Thai, Sushi and Fusion dishes to
 delight you and your guests.

Our Services


Our personal chef will create a true experience for you and your guests, including a five to twelve course meal, shopping, prep, and clean up.


Elevate your lunch hour with boxed lunch delivery from Chon Som. Get restaurant quality delivered direct to your desk. 


Planning a party or event? Chon Som provides extensive catering options sure to impress your guests and create a memorable event.

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What Customers are Saying…

Ok, so I’ve been giving out 5 star reviews like candy lately, but its true, I love Chon Som. I have tried so many things on the menu that are delicious I could go on and on, but will try to just touch on my personal favorites.. The Spicy Cashew stir fry, love the crunch that the cashews give it. The Krapow stir fry and Drunken Noodles are both awesome because of the garlic basil sauce.. mmm, basil flavor in every bite.. The Kratiem stir fry is worth trying as well. The Mussamon curry is probably my favorite curry they have; with potatoes, onions and peanuts, I think it goes best with tofu or chicken. Its hard though, to order any of the above for me though, because of PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE.

As for the sushi, they have great quality and every time I’ve had the nigiri it has always been fresh. I love the Tuna All Day, the little slice of serrano pepper on each bite goes great with the kimchee sauce and cilantro. Strawberry Eels Forever and the Spider Roll also never disappoint. 

Don’t leave without trying the Dynamite Shrimp starter!
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